Convoy (The Amsterdam Film)

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CONVOY (The Amsterdam Film)

Dual Layer DVD featuring:
The 50 minute documentary ‘CONVOY’
plus 14 extra perfomances by Dub FX (original BD Youtube sessions)
plus a bonus Dub FX soundtrack CD (BD Youtube sessions)
DVD format: PAL

By popular demand and for the first time ever all the collaborative work between Dub FX and BD is available to own. This high quality triple gatefold release features ‘CONVOY (The Amsterdam Film). This never before seen documentary follows Dub FX and other members of the Convoy Collective as they begin the ‘Cause & FX’ tour in 2010. In addition the dual layer DVD features all 14 of the original Youtube films which helped Dub FX to be known to the world, including ‘Love Someone’, ‘Flow’ and ‘Supernova Pilots’. Finally the package contains a bonus 14 track CD featuring the audio from the Youtube films, making a complete collectors set.

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